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Food Rocks invite you to trade at Horsham Markets every Thursday & Saturday from 9am to 5pm (4pm in Winter) in The Carfax.

Gazebos can be hired from £7 per day or you can use your own gazebo, vehicle or bespoke stall. Tables can be hired for £5.

Special parking rates are offered to annual traders.

All traders are required to hold Public Liability Insurance.

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Public Liability Insurance For Markets & Events

We require all traders to hold current Public Liability Insurance with a minimum of £5million cover.

Please try these providers for very competetive rates…

NMTF – The National Market Traders Federation offer a very good package within their membership.

CMTIA – Combined Market Traders Insurance Association – rates start at £48 per year.

GM Imber – this insurance broker specialises in market insurance and can offer a superb rate.

Graham Sykes - an insurer who offers speedy cover and competitive rates.

Please note that these insurers and brokers are independent and we cannot be held responsible for any product they sell.

Horsham Markets regulations

Stalls and Lettings

1. The market is operated for the purpose of retail and exhibiting only. Stalls and other facilities are let at a charge to be determined from time to time by the Market Operator and the Council.

Traders may provide their own gazebos, bespoke stall or vehicle, which must be approved by the Market Operator. The trader MUST provide, and USE AT ALL TIMES, suitable weights to ensure their stall can withstand wind speeds of up to 30mph. Winds any greater than that and the market is likely to be cancelled and, in any event, it is the traders responsibility to either not erect their stall or to immediately take down their stall should the wind speeds increase whilst trading or setting up.

Gazebos (with weights) can also be hired from the Market Operator. Gazebos will be erected by the Market Operator by 7.30am on the day of the market and dismantled by the Market Operator after 5pm. Any Trader hiring a gazebo from the Operator must not tamper with the equipment provided and must not allow any third party to do so. Any defects found must be reported to the Operator immediately. Neither the Council nor the Market Operators accept any responsibility whatsoever for any damage or injury caused by any equipment provided.

2. No alterations are permitted to the stalls without the prior consent of the Market Operator and the Council or Operator does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any damage or injury caused by unauthorised alterations or additions to the stalls or other equipment. Any defect found must be reported to the Market Operator without delay.

3. Lettings are not transferable, however consideration will be given to requests where the spouse, partner and / or children, brother or sister of the trader have been in active and regular working partners.

4. Stalls must not be sub-let or re-let by the trader.


5. The Council has determined that they wish ‘Horsham Markets’ to be one comprised in general of personally run stallholdings selling a wide range of locally produced goods.

6. The market has a strong focus on high quality, locally produced food, drink and goods. Where possible, produce for sale at the market should be grown, crafted, made or processed with significant added value within a 40 mile radius of Horsham. The Operator will determine the suitability of goods and whether they consider the produce applied for fits the criteria.

7. Produce must be well presented and displayed, must be of good quality and foodstuffs must be wholesome and no ‘seconds’ may be sold. Packaged items and items of hardware or craftware should be labelled with the producer’s name and address wherever possible.

8. No produce may be sold or offered for sale other than those agreed in advance by the Operator. Any request to extend or change the range of goods sold must be made to the Market Operator in writing whose decision shall be final and binding.

9. It is the responsibility of stallholders to ensure that all goods offered for sale comply with all relevant legislation. Advice may be obtained from the Environmental Health Department at Horsham District Council and the Trading Standards Department at West Sussex County Council.

10. Traders shall permit the Market Operator to visit production sites in order to authenticate the origin of any produce to be sold in the market.

11. The responsibility to ensure that the produce sold from each stall is local produce remains with the trader and any inspection by the Market Operator will not mitigate this responsibility.

Market Day and Hours

12. Market days will be on Thursdays and Saturdays and the market will be held in the Carfax in Horsham Town Centre. Other days and/or venues may be offered by the Operator in agreement with the Council.

13. The market will open at 9.00am and will close at 5.00pm (4pm in Winter). Traders must not set out their stall before 7.30am and must clear all vehicles from the market area immediately after unloading, but in any case before 8.30am.

14. Traders are expected to carry sufficient stock to actively trade through until at least 4pm in Winter and 5pm in Summer time as when clocks go back and forth. Vehicles may not return before 5.30pm or at any time without the permission of the Market Superintendent. Stallholders are to clear away their produce as soon as possible after the market closes and in any case by 7.00pm. These times may be altered on the day by the Market Operator, usually due to adverse weather conditions.

15. The driving of vehicles on the pedestrianised area of the market between 08:30am and 5:30pm is expressly forbidden unless allowed by the Market Superindent in extreme circumstances and, in which case, any vehicles must be escorted. When driving on the Carfax, all vehicles must drive at a speed of no more than 4mph , hazard lights must be used at all times and there is to be no reversing on site without a look-out on foot supervising.

Management of Stall

16. Only the trader, his/her family or nominated representatives will normally be permitted to sell produce in the market. The trader can nominate in writing to the Market Operator a manager of the stall. The trader, their nominated representatives or manager will be responsible for ensuring that the stall is operated in a safe and orderly manner, in accordance with these regulations and all legal requirements.

17. Traders who take a stall may be allowed to sell produce as the agents of another trader subject to the prior written approval of the Market Operator.

18. Established local growers organisations may appoint a representative from amongst their own number to sell pooled produce, provided that the provision to appoint a manager in clause 16 is adhered to.

19. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all stalls used shall be those provided by the Operator and producers must confine their goods to the stall space allocated to them.

20. Traders shall not display any advertisement signboard on the Carfax without the prior consent of the Market Operator.

21. Traders shall not use any means of sound amplification or other mechanical means of attracting attention to a stall.

22. Traders may ‘cry’ their wares from their stall. No selling that is haranguing or aggressive shall be permitted and the Market Operator s decision in such matters shall be final and binding.

23. Any lighting system, electrical leads or electrical equipment used on market stalls should be fully compliant with all current testing and safety requirements, should be fit for purpose and the Operator may ask for it to be disconnected and removed if they believe it is a hazard at anytime..

24. All traders must provide and display conspicuously and legibly a sign showing their name or trading names. Their permanent business address must be registered with the Market Operator.

25. Traders must always be able to provide evidence of Public Liability Insurance or NMTF membership.

26. Traders are required to display prices of their produce, clearly visible on their stall.

27. Demonstrators may be allowed on the market at the discretion of the Operator. Any demonstrator who is allowed and causes any disruption will be requested to cease by the Market Operator.

28. Traders shall not commit any nuisance or do any act or thing which may be or become a source of danger, inconvenience and annoyance to the Operator, Council, the public or the owners or occupiers of neighbouring property. Traders are respectfully asked not to bring the market into disrepute. Such actions can lead to disciplinary action resulting in a warning or even suspension from the market.

Waste and Litter

29. Traders must maintain their stall in a clean, tidy and sanitary condition at all times.

30. Every trader in the market shall cause the stall site allocated to them or passages adjoining such stall, whether used by them alone or in conjunction with any other person, to be properly swept from time to time as necessary during each day the pitch is in use.

Local Produce Market Regulations 30/1/13 Page 2

31. Any trade waste, customers waste left on or near the stall, boxes or other containers used for containing or transporting goods are to be removed by the trader at the end of the day and disposed of correctly. The litter bins or other businesses’ trade bins in the Town Centre are not to be used for the disposal of any trade waste or litter arising from the use of the market stall for the purpose of the market in the Carfax.


32.Fees will be charged depending on the payment scheme as agreed. Traders shall book and pay for their selected package upon issue of an invoice and, in any event, at least a week in advance of the first trading day of the selected package. Prime pitches are defined as a ‘corner’ pitch, a pitch with 3 open sides and the pitches in the block outside Swan Walk. Invoices are payable by bank transfer, cash or other method as agreed between the trader and the Market Operator. Cleared funds must be received at least a week prior to the first booked trading day. Receipts will be issued on request.

33. ‘Every Week’ are entitled to up to 3 days of ‘holiday’ per year. No pitch fee will be charged on these holidays providing a minimum of 2 weeks notice is given.

34. Non-attendance / Cancellation of pitch. Refunds will not be made if a booked stall is not taken up. Any stall may be re-let by the Market Operator if not taken up by the Producer by 8.30 am of the booked trading day. An alternative mutually agreed market date or a pitch fee refund (subject to a 10% administrative charge) will be arranged provided a minimum of two weeks notice of non-attendance is given.



35. Mains electricity is available in the Carfax at a fixed cost. Upon payment of the charge, producers may connect to the fixed points provided by the Council and allocated by the Market Operator. The Producer must provide their own connection plugs and leads, see clause below for compliance. Under no circumstances are petrol or diesel generators to be used unless agreed in writing prior to the event. Producers are responsible for ensuring that electrical equipment, connection and leads complies with all current safety regulations effecting its use, particularly electrical safety and testing requirements. All leads must be correctly used so as not to cause any trip hazard. The Operator nor Council accepts no liability arising from the use of the electrical supply or any equipment connected to it.

36. All gas appliances need to be tested annually (however small) by a registered gas safety engineer who is qualified to test mobile catering equipment (this is specific qualification) and can be found on the Gas Safety Register.















Use of portable camping stoves/butane is not acceptable for commercial catering. Using them invalidates your (and our) insurance. Please see:









37. Traders are responsible for meeting their own parking costs and should park only in the Town car parks as advised by the Operator. Subject to availability from the council, special permits that allow for reduced parking rates are allocated to traders who attend the market weekly for a minimum period of at least three months. These will be issued by the Operator and must be returned upon request or, in any event, when the trader ceases to trade regularly at the market. No responsibility is accepted for the security of vehicles or their contents during periods when the vehicles are parked in any place made available by the Council or the Operator.

Liability and Insurances

38. Traders are required to effect and maintain public liability insurance for not less than £5 million for any one claim. Prior to being allowed to trade in the market, the Operator will require to see evidence of such a policy and of the payment of premiums for it. Evidence of current PLI must be submitted annually.

39. All traders should provide their own risk assessment along with their PLI. Producers and their staff are expected to set up and manage their stall according to their own risk assessments. Risk assessments must be submitted upon commencement of trading, including updated assessments when required or, in any event, when methods of operating the stallholding change.

40. Any trader that are positioned under Operator’s stalls will only be deemed liable for any actions, costs, claims, expenses, demands, charges or liabilities in cases where the producer (or their representatives) has affected the integrity of the stall and associated equipment or neglected the stall and associated equipment whilst in their charge or permitted a third party to do so. Any actions, costs, claims, expenses, demands, charges or liabilities that arise through a defect of the stall or the Operator (or their personnel) having failed to erect or secure the stall and associated equipment correctly will be the responsibility of the Operator.

Licences and consents

41. The trader must comply with any conditions attached to Licences, permissions including planning permission in respect of the use of the Carfax for the purposes of the market.

42. Traders must comply with all lawful requirements of the local highway authority, police, fire and ambulance service.


43. Nothing contained within these regulations shall prejudice or effect the rights, powers, duties or functions of the Operator or Council in the exercise of its functions as a market operator or local authority.

44. The Operator and Council reserve the right to refuse a letting or cancel an existing letting.

45. The Operator and Council reserve the right to add to, delete or change any of these regulations at any time.


46. These regulations shall be strictly adhered to at all times. The Market Operator may suspend a letting following a written warning detailing breaches of specific regulations.

47. The Market Operator shall be responsible for the allocation of stalls, the application of these regulations and the resolution of disputes with Producers or stall managers, if appointed.

48. A Stallholder who is in dispute with the Market Supervisors regarding the implementation of these regulations may complain in writing of the Directors of the Market Operator’s company who is not involved in the dispute. This Director will then arrange a formal interview with the Producer concerned within 14 days of the written complaint. If the dispute cannot be resolved, the case shall be referred, by way of appeal against that decision, to an independent arbitrator as agreed by the Market Operator, Council and Stallholder. That appeal should be referred to an Arbitrator within 30 days.

Market Operators

Food Rocks Ltd

Simon Teesdale 07899 753352

Amy Hakim 07970 202083


Horsham District Council

Garry Mortimer-Cook

01403 215386